140401 EXO Samsung Morning Call [Translation]

It’s a nice morning! Hurry up and wake up. If
you don’t wake up and is late, kkaebsong~~
I’m not responsible if you’re scolded for being
late! When you’re awake, hurry up and get up!

Oh? Don’t tell me you’re still sleeping right?
Hurry up and wake up! Got to spend a happy
day with me, Chanyeol, the happy virus. I’ll be
cheering you on!

You’re still sleeping? Ah whyyyy~ you’re going
to wake up right? Oh? If you don’t wake up I’m
going to get angry! Really. Stop sleeing and
wake up now~

*sings* Right now morning call is here, if you
wake up I’ll get lost *sings*
You’re still inside your blankets? Me, D.O, will
be singing until you wake up. Hurry and wake

It’s morning! Hurry up and wake up! What are
you going to do if you’re late for work? If you
can’t wake up, stretch with me and wake up~

Wake up. You got to wake up. You’re still
sleeping. You asked me to give a morning call
and I did but what? You’re not waking up? You
won’t know that I’m even when I’m doing it

Have you slept well? Stop now, it’s time to
wake up! Stop sleeping and hurry up and wake
up! If you wake up, I’ll give you strength.
Healing healing~~

Hello this is Luhan. It’s morning but you’re still
deep in your dreams? Ayeee~ hurry up and
open your eyes and wake up.

It’s morning, you should wake up now. That’s
right that’s right. Hurry and wake up. Got to
wake up and spend a nice day. Wake up right
now, hurry~~

Hello! I’m Suho~ it’s already morning, hurry
and wake up! If you’re still going to sleep and
not wake up? I don’t know if I will ddusiddusi
(crying sound). Okay, now you’re going to wake
up right?

It’s morning already, hurry up and wake up. If
you act like you’re getting up but continue
sleeping, you know it’s really fake right?

The sky is already bright but you’re still
sleeping? Don’t ungya ungya (mumble) in your
blanket, hurry wake up and drink a cup of
coffee with me!

EXO’s morning time! We are one! Hello we are EXO.

It’s morning already, what are you doing not
waking up? You have to hurry and wake up.

*sings* If you don’t wake up now, you don’t
know if you’ll be late *sings*

You’re still not waking up after this?

Ah, you’re awake already?

Then today too,

EXO, let’s love!

video credit: namja124 @ YouTube
translation by: @LOVEdyokyungsoo


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