Kris (Wu Yi Fan) reported to possibly be releasing a mini album


Kris (or Wu Yi Fan) is as hot a topic as ever, especially as everyone is there to scrutinize his every move ever since he filed for a contract nullification with SM Entertainment, which also made people wonder who would be next to manage Kris.

Recently, Kris was spotted at the airport while returning to Beijing from Prague after completion of Xu Jing Lei‘s film, ‘Somewhere Only We Know.’ He was accompanied by Zong Shuai, who is known to be an experienced manager in the Chinese entertainment industry. However, when reporters of Chinese media outlet Sohu questioned Zong Shuai, he denied that he was officially Kris’s new manager; rather, he would help out Kris as more of an assistant and mentor.

To make matters even more interesting, Sohu reporters heard from allegedly informed sources that Kris’s workload this year includes two movies that people already know about, ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ and ‘Passion Heaven‘ alongside Hangeng, as well as–interestingly enough–a mini-album? The informed sources claimed that Kris was preparing for a mini-album and to appear before fans with a new image!

Would you be excited to see him in the music sphere once again?

Credit: allkpop